Our works are all covered by a lifelong warranty. Together with your artwork, we deliver three very important documents:

  • the certificate of origin, which identifies and describes the work, with the date, the artist’s signature, and a unique code;
  • the instructions for cleaning and maintenance, to make your artwork as splendid as on the day you received it;
  • the certificate of guarantee.

The latter ensures you that we shall always remain at your avail, at any time, for any problem that may arise in your artwork. We put all our passion and our love in making our artworks, therefore we believe that they will last for ever: yes, just like today we visit Ostia Antica, Ravenna or the Villa del Casale in Sicily, and we watch the works produced two thousand years ago by our colleagues of that time. In case of flaws in the materials, the mortars, the supports, please contact us immediately: we shall fix the problem at our expense. The warranty does not cover the following:

  • any damage deliberately made, or in any case due to the direct action of man (e.g. use of aggressive cleaning materials, in contravention to the instructions provided)
  • using the artwork otherwise than specified when it was commissioned (e.g. artwork made for indoors, placed outdoors; or wall mosaic placed on the pavement)
  • damages by third parties or by acts of nature (e.g. car hitting the artwork; earthquake)

In any case, do not hesitate to call us: we shall estimate the damage, and make the most convenient possible offer to restore the work to its original beauty.