Frequently Asked Questions


  • How long do your mosaics last?
    Mosaics have an unlimited duration; however, it clearly depends on how they are used and maintained.
  • Can you make a mosaic from a project I made?
    We are happy to turn your project into «mosaic language».
  • What is the price of your mosaics per square metre (or square foot)?
    Our mosaics are not industrial products; they are hand made. The cost of each artwork is given as a lump sum, rather than on a per-unit basis, because every mosaic is different by design, complexity, subject, dimension of the tesserae and labour time. Each mosaic manufactured by MosArtek is custom made, just like a bespoke suit.
  • I have quite a few tiles, left over from the latest renovation works I made at home. Can you use them to make a mosaic?
    No, we cannot. We only buy our materials from selected, trusted manufacturers, which allows us to guarantee fastness and lasting.
  • Do you make reproductions of famous artworks?
    We do, but only after any copyright holders have granted us a specific license.
  • The cost estimate for the mosaic is a bit high. Can you make it smaller?
    We can surely make a smaller mosaic, but it doesn’t have to mean it is going to cost less. Almost invariably reducing the size of a mosaic implies a higher complexity and thus a longer manufacturing time, resulting in an increase in the estimated cost for our customer.
  • How long does it take you to make a mosaic?
    It depends on the complexity of the subject; we can only estimate the time at project planning time.
  • I wish to embellish the interior of my boat with a mosaic, can you help?
    We certainly can. Mosaics make delightful decorations for the interiors of many motor yachts, sailboats and cruise ships. They need to be planned and installed with due care to prevent the effect of vibration and to resist to the corrosion of the salty and damp environment.
  • I’d like to have my fireplace decorated in mosaic. Can you do it?
    Yes, but limited to the outside, and only if duly isolated. It is obviously not possible to install a mosaic on the inside of the fireplace, in direct contact with the flame and excessive heat.
  • Can you make a mosaic on a ceiling?
    Yes we can; it used to be done in the ancient times, and we have kept this tradition alive.
  • Can you make a mosaic on a curved wall?
    A curved wall is not a problem. Our manufacturing methods allow us to make mosaics on uneven or irregular surfaces.
  • A friend of mine has one of your works. Can you make exactly the same for me?
    Our company policy and professional ethics prevent us from making copies of our own mosaics. We guarantee a unique, exclusive artwork to each of our customers, certified by a unique code which we attribute to the artwork and print on the Certificate of Origin.
    We shall be happy to listen to your ideas, wishes and desires, and develop an exclusive artwork according to your taste.

Keeping the Artwork Clean

  • How do I clean my mosaic?
    It depends on the materials it was made with. Together with your mosaic we delivered a Maintenance Guide (also a Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Lifelong Guarantee). The document explains how to clean the artwork.
  • Can I use daily household cleaning products to clean my mosaic?
    Again, it depends on the materials it was made with, and the kind of dirt you need to remove. However, some household products are either too aggressive or ineffective. Please read the Maintenance Guide, or get in touch with us and we shall advise you on the best way to do what you need to do to your mosaic.
  • Can I protect my wall mosaic against graffiti?
    In theory, you can: there are specific products for the protection of wall installations from spray paint. We prefer not to apply materials that can interfere with the normal exchange of humidity between artwork, support, and the environment; this could lead, in the long period, to damage to the mosaic.
    However we are happy to discuss the issue with our client, and find the best solution.

Technical Properties

  • Are your mosaics environment friendly?
    Yes: we only use mosaic materials, mortars and supports with the highest rating.
  • Can I keep my mosaic outdoors?
    Yes, with due care especially in cold climate. However if you plan to place your mosaic outdoors, you have to let us know when you place the order, so that we can plan the artwork for external installation.
  • In the future I may decide to move my mosaic and place it somewhere else. Is this possible?
    It is only possible if the mosaic has been planned to be removable, that is, installed on a self-sustaining support. If it has been plastered directly on the pavement or wall, it is quite difficult and we advise not to move it.
  • Can I place a pavement mosaic on top of the existing coating?
    Yes but only after having assessed that the coating holds, and anyway it will have to be appropriately primed before the mosaic is applied.
  • Is a mosaic very heavy?
    The larger, the heavier; with very large mosaics it is essential that lightweight supports are used, provided they are also resistant. In any case it depends on where the mosaic shall be placed.
    You should consider that mosaic materials such as stone (marble) and glass are heavy by themselves; however, this is an advantage in terms of their durability.
  • Can a mosaic resist underwater?
    It most certainly can. A mosaic which must be constantly immersed must be specifically planned, cemented with appropriate mortars, and finished with special fillers. For instance, we have maid mosaic decorations for the pavements of swimming pools.
  • Do your mosaics endure spa water?
    Yes: we need to use materials, mortars and fillers that withstand the natural chemicals carried in the specific water, e.g. sulphur.
  • Do your mosaics resist to wear?
    Yes: in the planning phase we estimate the volume of traffic foreseen in the area in which the mosaic shall be placed, and we choose the most appropriate materials. However, even though the materials may be subject to some surface wear, they would still keep their function and aspect, because colour is uniform all through the material and not just on the surface, as with enamelled tiles (which we do not use anyway).
  • Can you make a mosaic above a heated pavement?
    Yes: materials and mortars endure the (limited) heat of a heated pavement system.

Courses and training

  • I would like to learn to make mosaics. What do you offer?
    We provide training on mosaic, within the Accademia MosArtek, which is only available to our own internal staff. Only as an exception do we admit externs, and/or partners.
    We offer basic training on mosaic, for free, to associations of disabled persons, seniors, and other challenged categories.
  • Many offer mosaic courses to the public; how come you don’t?
    There is plenty of laboratories, professionals and schools in the world, who already do this excellently.