MosArtek Revue - The MosArtek revue is not for everybody, either.

If you are an:

  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Contractor
  • Building company, specialising in luxury housing
  • Engineer
  • Professor at an art or design school
  • Journalist or editor in art, design or fashion magazines
    then please fill the form below with your data. After we shall have checked, you will receive our MosArtek revue at your office; you will only be billed for PRIORITY shipping costs.

In a separate email we shall inform you on how to pay for the shipping expenses (credit card or PayPal).

We shall be pleased to send you the following issues of the revue as well – against payment of shipping costs.

If your job description does not match any of the above, then you are not eligible to receive the revue.

Kind regards,

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