In my book «LIKE THE GODS» I wrote that art mosaic is not meant for everybody.

I really mean what I wrote, and let me better explain my idea.

Not every environment, be it in or outdoors, public or private, is appropriate for hosting one of MosArtek's art mosaics.

Does this sound conceited? Maybe it is!

The location that will receive the mosaic, must be accurately assessed by my team from MosArtek; a preliminary evaluation to check the overall adequacy, and the state of the place.

In ancient times, having one's residence decorated with an art mosaic would open the gates of immortality for one's name and personal history.

But this could only be afforded by those, who owned a sumptuous and elegant mansion. It had to do with the extreme luxury of owning such an exclusive work of art - and indeed, it still has.

MosArtek's Specification for Locations is a three-step process:
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