When a mosaic collapses!

“You place your trust in the next artist […], and short thereafter you end up with pieces of mosaic falling off the ceiling onto your head…” –from my book LIKE THE GODS, chapter 3.6– Unsettling, isn’t it? It happens, alas; though it should not. This is exactly what happened on …

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The art of hospitality is LUXURY

When someone invites you at their home, what would you like to find? How would you like to be welcomed? If you receive an invitation for dinner, you groom yourself well, you dress decently, or maybe even elegantly, and you set your emotions for a pleasant evening. You knock at …

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From Rejection to Glory

«The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone» Matthew 21:42 The 24kt gold mosaic of the “Good Shepherd” was one of my proposals for the centre of the Cross in the project we won. After a confrontation with our project partners, we chose a non-figurative artwork. We were …

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