MosArtek Tips & Tricks – #6


«Indoors or outdoors?»
«Dentro o Fuori?»

Where a mosaic work is to be placed, must be decided at the design stage.

All materials with which the work shall be carried out, must be capable of withstanding adequately in the place of destination.

Materials to be evaluated include the tesserae and the supports, and also mortars and adhesives, the hooks and accessories …

Once an artwork has been planned and made for an internal environment, it will hardly resist being placed outside.

Light, temperature, humidity, biological attacks and other elements must be well evaluated in the design phase. NOT AFTER.

Temperature changes, freezing and thawing cycles, difference in expansion coefficients of all materials, if not adequately considered will DESTROY the work.

It is worth thinking things well over, before even sticking in the first tessera.