Karla Chacon

MosArtek Ambassador


All I do is made with love.

The passion for work has given me the opportunity to travel and live in various countries of the world, practicing my entrepreneurship of Internal Architect and Designer.

Fine to 2017, entrepreneur with international experience in companies in the quality of co-founder.

It has matured experiences in processes in developing architectural and design projects at an international level.

My love for the research of new technologies and their ancient knowledge, I always have the strength of my profession.

My diversity, my flexibility, and my ability to live and work in multicultural environments have my company’s personality as an entrepreneur.

The foundations of my professional development are revolutionary to an approach to the Interior Design by creating innovative projects, energetic and colorful products.

The services are characterized by: “RECONNEXION”, “The human being at the center of the space”
The products ARE oriented to: “REGENERATION”, “The re-qualifies and transformation of space.”
Karla Chacon

Web site: https://karladesign.ch/
Mail: karla@akacha.org