From Rejection to Glory

«The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone»

Matthew 21:42

The 24kt gold mosaic of the “Good Shepherd” was one of my proposals for the centre of the Cross in the project we won.

we won as Musiv’Arte, now MosArtek

After a confrontation with our project partners, we chose a non-figurative artwork.

We were left with the issue of finding a home for the rejected mosaic.

With the help of our good friend, father Gottfried Egger OFM, we identified a house of nuns who will be most happy to receive this mosaic, to provide it with a home.

Stefano Toria and I, partners in MosArtek, have decided that this mosaic is going to this nunnery as a donation.

I shall finish the work personally, with a backdrop in white marble.

We shall consult the architect of the nunnery, and decide whether it shall be on a self-sustaining support, or installed in a niche in a wall.

We are not yet free to reveal who the nuns are, and where is the nunnery located. You will find out soon.

From rejection to Glory.

No better location than this.

Stay tuned!

Find out what I mean by “appropriate location”.

If it does not comply with all the criteria in the MosArtek Specification, I’m not making your mosaic.