1st April 2016

Your first time on our blog? Start from here!

Welcome to the blog of Musiv’Arte. If you are looking for an artwork, a drawing, a decoration to make your home or office unique, then you […]
22nd April 2016

The 4 rules in choosing the artist / craftsman

13th May 2016

Which Colour? Five Secret Tips for a Correct Choice

So let’s see the five secrets you need to know to make the right choice of colours, so that you don’t have to give up an […]
3rd June 2016

Investing in art; choosing an artwork

At the present time, the art market is particularly lively. Investors diversify their investments: besides real estate and stock capital, they are also interested in works […]
24th June 2016

We are on «Realtà Mapei Switzerland»

The world-renowned Italian manufacturer of construction materials MAPEI, whose products we are regular users, publishes an article on our «Lady of Einsiedeln» on the first 2016 […]
15th July 2016

Exclusive Art

Each of us has an individual relationship with art. In the past it has been a pleasure for the few; along the twentieth century, artistic movements […]
5th August 2016

How to turn your ordinary bathroom in an exclusive wellness environment: The Stones that Heal

by Stefano Toria and Luciano Bonzini I am always happy to return to Liguria, the land in which my wife was born, and where I feel […]
26th August 2016

Coatings for the Elite

New aesthetic trends in residential buildings are revolutionising the way in which house owners think and achieve the decoration of the living spaces. Even here in […]
16th September 2016

Do not let anybody choose your coatings. Hunt away boredom, and avoid the most common mistakes!

After the divorce, Mrs Adriana lived on her own. She worked full-time in her own perfumery, which was well on its way, and allowed her an […]