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Welcome to the blog of Musiv’Arte. If you are looking for an artwork, a drawing, a decoration to make your home or office unique, then you […]

The 4 rules in choosing the artist / craftsman

Which Colour? Five Secret Tips for a Correct Choice

So let’s see the five secrets you need to know to make the right choice of colours, so that you don’t have to give up an […]

Investing in art; choosing an artwork

At the present time, the art market is particularly lively. Investors diversify their investments: besides real estate and stock capital, they are also interested in works […]

We are on «Realtà Mapei Switzerland»

The world-renowned Italian manufacturer of construction materials MAPEI, whose products we are regular users, publishes an article on our «Lady of Einsiedeln» on the first 2016 […]

Exclusive Art

Each of us has an individual relationship with art. In the past it has been a pleasure for the few; along the twentieth century, artistic movements […]

How to turn your ordinary bathroom in an exclusive wellness environment: The Stones that Heal

by Stefano Toria and Luciano Bonzini I am always happy to return to Liguria, the land in which my wife was born, and where I feel […]

Coatings for the Elite

New aesthetic trends in residential buildings are revolutionising the way in which house owners think and achieve the decoration of the living spaces. Even here in […]

Do not let anybody choose your coatings. Hunt away boredom, and avoid the most common mistakes!

After the divorce, Mrs Adriana lived on her own. She worked full-time in her own perfumery, which was well on its way, and allowed her an […]