The 4 rules in choosing the artist / craftsman

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Welcome to the blog of Musiv’Arte. If you are looking for an artwork, a drawing, a decoration to make your home or office unique, then you are in the right place.

«Italians possess the real taste for art», wrote Immanuel Kant in 1790: and we still do today! Art and beauty spring spontaneous from our souls and our hands. If you visited Italy, you have seen this everywhere.

You may even have tried to create something beautiful for your living space: «something Italian».


In fact, despite the best of intentions or the advice of a friend or vendor, or maybe a visit to some Web site on Italian art, the «Italian taste» stays elusive, hard to grasp.

This blog is exactly what you need. Read on and I’ll tell you what we can do for you.

What can Musiv’Arte do for you?

Let me clear one thing right away. This site

  • IS NOT a catalogue of Italian art work
  • IS NOT a do-it-yourself method
  • IS NOT an on-line or off-line art shop
  • IS NOT a self-study course

We do one thing, we are the first to do it in Switzerland, and we do it better than anybody else:

«We help the owners of homes or offices to procure the best Italian art in architecture in Switzerland, reducing purchase time by up to 70%, with no agents or brokers, even though they have no idea of what they are looking for exactly».

There is something we all know about art, although nobody says it clearly; that is:

«People are afraid to choose an artwork or a decoration item; afraid to make a mistake and come out as uninformed, or of bad taste outright».

So out of fear of making mistakes we are filling up our beautiful Switzerland, that people come to visit from all over the world, with rows of grey and squared houses, equipped with squared furniture in white or black.

I’m going to tell you a secret

However, we Italians are just like everybody else. Of course we have good taste in combining clothes and accessories, in creating and choosing the items with which we make our living spaces comfortable and cosy.

We know how to create good-looking clothes, cars, furniture. Our artists and architects along the centuries have put together an impressive collection of masterpieces.

We also have our shortcomings, just like every other people in the world.

So what makes our art so unique? What is the secret that lets us create so much beauty?

Come visit our atelier, read our blog regularly, and you will find out.

You need not worry!

“But why did you choose this artwork for the living-room wall (or the garden, or the VIP meeting room)?”

Sooner or later, talking to your wife, or business partner, or with your visiting friends, the question will pop out. Many people are so worried by the idea, that they prefer playing safe: white everywhere, some black here and there, and that’s it.

Over the past 25 years we’ve been supporting our customers in choosing what they really want, to make a comfortable and pleasant environment in which to spend their timet.

Choosing a decoration motive, a combination of colours is not easy. Many people cannot even put a colour or a shape into words.

We know how to interpret your wishes and drive your choice. And when «your» masterpiece shall be ready, and your neighbours and friends will turn green with envy, you will say:

“Now this artwork is exactly what I wanted!”

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